Distance Learning Freebies!

Wow... what a week it has been! Most of us have been thrust into the virtual world of education with a moment's notice. We have had to say goodbye to students without knowing when we may see them again. Some of us weren't even able to say goodbye to kids at all!

With that said, I wanted to throw together a quick post to provide some freebies that will hopefully help you over the coming weeks. Please enjoy these freebies and ideas that I hope help during this difficult time! Click the picture to be directed to the download.

We only had two days to throw together plans with very little stipulation about what the future may look like. I quickly surveyed my students who reported that they all had access to internet at home and our district sent home devices with every student 2-12.

That being said, I decided a weekly schedule was going to be the best idea for us. I planned it out much the same as our day is already, and even threw in specials and recess ideas! The point was not to overwhelm parents, but provide them with a schedule and their kids with a sense of some "normalcy" during this stressful time. I am well-aware some of it may not get finished and that some kids may skip it completely. For the short-term, my district told us to offer it as a choice and that nothing is required.

This format will also help as I plan activities. I know I need a different reading activity each day and I know what website I will pull the articles and activities from on each different weekday. For writing, I plan to video some lessons and try as much as possible to continue where we left off (starting our opinion papers and learning about prepositions). Math will be much more difficult, but I think I am going to rely on Zoom to record lessons (our district blocked this for students, so unfortunately we cannot interact and answer questions during lessons.) I did give students and families my Google Voice number and I am able to communicate with them through Google Chat.

While this week was technically supposed to be a "normal" one, the students have taken off the remainder of this week and it is tacked onto their Spring Break next week. I know many of my students are bummed their Spring Break is going to be stuck practicing social-distancing, so I created this template of places we can "visit" together as a class next week. I compiled some interesting places to visit, and I'm really hoping that the Chromebook's at home allow them to access the sites (we have had some tech issues already.)

I also wanted to pump them up for when we do start the optional online instruction with a Virtual Spirit Week! I saw the idea floating around a teacher Facebook group and she had her students post their images to a private Padlet each day so they could see how their classmates were participating. It looks like a lot of fun! I can't wait to see how it works out.

Please click on each image to be directed to the free downloads! I hope they ease some of the planning stress and keep a smile on your student's faces during this difficult time. Stay safe everyone!

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