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5 Reasons I Love #HPInstantInk

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links and referral codes. This allows me to earn a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for helping me provide my classroom with more great materials!

Our school, like many I'm sure, does not have a color printer. My last school did, but since ink can tend to be pricey, it was seldom used. I came across a program that has changed my classroom life... HP Instant Ink!

If you're like me, you have a good amount invested in some functional, adorable task cards on TeachersPayTeachers. Printing them off in black and white (or colored cardstock) just doesn't feel like the right thing to do, but ink is expensive! That's why this program is perfect for teachers. Read on to find out more about this money-saving program and see if it would be beneficial to your classroom (and your pocketbook!)

HP Instant Ink is basically a subscription ink service. You pay a monthly fee (anywhere from $2.99/month and up) and can print as many pages as you are allotted, with as much color on each page as you want. The only downsides are that any page printed counts toward your page allotment, even if it's only black and white or a few lines. So be careful when you hit print preview and only print what you want! Also, a double sided page counts as 2 pages. When your printer is running low on ink, it sends out a signal and new ink is shipped to you before you ever run out!

5 Reasons to Try HP Instant Ink

1. Their printers are very reasonably priced! My first HP Instant Ink printer is the HP Envy 5055. I love this printer because it is simple and prints duplex, which is perfect for making sure my positive parent postcards are aligned seamlessly. My Envy was actually funded through my first ever DonorsChoose project and is housed in my classroom. Because it has to be connected to wifi to update every week or so, I tether my phone as a mobile hotspot on Fridays and login to HP Instant Ink's website to update my printer status. Super quick and takes minimal time! I only have to do this because the school's wifi requires authenticiation and I can't access it through my printer at school. I use my printer so much I bought another for my house: the HP OfficeJet3830! This one is a little more advanced, with a scanning feature that my husband really loves when he works from home.

2. I can change my plan from month to month! I tend to print more in the summer when I am prepping new decor or organizing task card sets (finally!) This plan allows me to switch to a higher printing plan (500 or 700 pages/month) in the summer and then tone it down during the school year when I may not print as often. I like not being locked in to paying for a certain number of pages when they may not get used.

3. It's so EASY! I love not having to remember to order ink or grab it from the store. My computer sends a signal through my internet when it's time for new ink, and it arrives at my door a few days later! I've only had one issue with not getting ink before mine runs out (see tips below.) When I get new ink, I ship the old cartridges back in the pre-labeled package and make my son run it out to the mailbox. It's magical!

4. Referral credits make it even more affordable. Know another teacher looking to solve their color printing problem? Give them your referral code and you both get a free month! Don't have a friend using HP Instant Ink? Use my code to get us both a free month of ink!

5. Printing is better in COLOR! I love having the freedom to print things in color without worrying about how much ink it uses. I've printing many different TPT products in color and the kids love it! Plus, you can save so much more in classroom decor if you print it yourself!

Tips & Tricks

-Check the website for codes to stack on top of your referral code! I got 6 months free right out of the box! You only get one shot to enter codes, so gather them all before you sign up.

-Don't plan on printing off 100+ pages your very first day. The ink cartridges that come with the printer are super tiny (not sure why) and you run out of ink pretty quickly that first time. After that, the cartridges are bigger and will last you a good long while! I recommend calling customer support upon signing up if you need ink expedited to you (they have great customer service!)

-Sign up for the 500pg/month plan while you have referral codes! You get your plan free that month even at the highest level. Just remember to switch back once they run out to avoid unwanted charges!

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